Scosche's New Rhythm24 Armband Measures Heart Rate on Land and in the Water

When  the Scosche Rhythm+ hit the market it not only provided me with accurate heart rate readings — something chest straps could never do — it did it without the need for a bulky, restrictive band around my lungs.

Now Scosche is back at  CES 2018  with an update, the Rhythm24, a smart armband that promises to deliver the same great heart rate tracking along with a few new features. Along with a new look the Rhythm+ is Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ compatible.  Like Polar’s OH1, it’s waterproof and received an IP68 rating. Unlike Polar’s setup though, you can actually track your BPMs in the water. The Rhythm24 comes in a variety of colors and features an LED battery indicator along with on-board data recording to store workouts.

The device now includes heart rate variability measurements to offer insights into stress and recovery time. There’s also dedicated profiles for different sports including swimming, running and cycling.

The PerformTek sensor from Valencell used on the Rhythm24 uses both green and yellow optical sensors, which aims to offer more reliable and accurate measurements across all skin tones.

The Rhythm24 is set to be available this Spring. No news on pricing yet.