Schwinn Launches Affordable New Line of Electric Bikes

Schwinn Launches Affordable New Line of Electric Bikes
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Schwinn is getting into the fast-growing e-bike arena with three new models, all with affordable price points ($1500-2000). The bikes are user-friendly and sport clean designs.

My first bike was a Schwinn Moab that I used to teach the mountain biking merit badge at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch as a kid. The brand has legacy and reach, and it’s building on that by jumping into the world of electric bikes with the introduction of the Marshall, Coston CE and Coston DX.

Each bike, with size options in S/M and L/XL, is available in two styles – a standard step-over and a step-thru option. The lineup starts with the Coston DX, Schwinn’s premium offering, that goes up to 45 miles on a single charge and comes equipped with fenders, a rear rack, and a unique storage saddle. The Coston CE and the Marshall both have the capability to go up to 35 miles on a single charge. The Coston CE comes equipped with fenders, while the Marshall is the base model.

Each model includes an integrated lithium-ion battery and a 250Wh hub drive motor. Pedal assistance provides a boost up to 20 mph and a throttle gives an extra boost when called for. All of the bikes have headlights, taillights, and integrated downtube lights for full visibility.

Schwinn Coston Electric Bike

Coston DXCoston CE
FrameStep- thru and standover hybridStep- thru and standover hybrid
RangeUp to 45 miles per chargeUp to 35 miles per charge
Battery360 watt-hour internal downtube battery288 watt-hour internal downtube battery
Speed20 mph20 mph
LightsIntegrated LED frame light, head and taillightsIntegrated LED frame light, head and taillights
ExtrasUpgraded fenders, a rear rack, unique storage saddleFenders

The Coston DX is Schwinn’s most expensive e-bike thanks to its superior battery capacity of 360 watt-hours. Thanks to that larger battery, you can expect ranges up to 45 miles on one charge. As with all of the company’s e-bikes, the Coston has a 250W rear hub motor which delivers speeds up to 20mph. For human input, there is a 7-speed Microshift drivetrain.

The most notable feature of the Coston DX may be it’s storage and carrying capacity. The bike comes outfitter with a rear rack and an under-seat storage compartment.

The 6061 aluminum frame of the Coston is paired to a ridgid steel fork. Other Schwinn electric bicycle parts include mechanical disc brakes and fat, grippy 650b tires, integrated LED lights, and fenders. The Coston CE model also has a 100mm travel suspension fork.

Schwinn Marshall Electric Bike

FrameStep- thru and standover hybrid
RangeUp to 35 miles per charge
Battery288 watt-hour internal downtube battery
Speed20 mph
LightsIntegrated LED frame light, headlight, battery taillight

Of the Schwinn electric bicycles, the Marshall is the cheapest. Honestly, though, I don’t think the bike sacrifices much in the exchange. It has a slightly smaller battery and thus overall range, and doesn’t pack in off-the-shelf storage. But, for a $1500 hybrid, this bike still has a very respectable max range of 35 miles thanks to the 288W integrated battery. The Marshall also has a cleaner overall look and more upright geometry which I appreciate.

The Marshall comes with front suspension, other specs match the Coston, you’ll see the same 7-speed Microshift drivetrain and mechanical disc brakes. The Marshall retails at $1499.99, the Coston CE is $1699.99, and the Coston DX is $1999.99. Schwinn also has battery upgrade options available, you can bump the Marshall up to the 360Wh battery for $449 or any of the bikes can be upgraded to 720Wh (80 mile range) for $649. Bikes and battery upgrades are available direct from Schwinn.