San Util Design – Bikepacking Bags Made in Winter Park, CO

Cool bags from a company close to home! Check out their prelaunch.

San Util Design is a company that designs and creates unique bags, and storage systems out of durable and expressive fabrics. I am fundraising in order to purchase 2 new machines that will raise efficiency and durability of our products. Along with upping production capability, we are also trying to grow our production space and move from the garage into a dedicated work space in town (part of a larger concept).

A bit about the two machines we are trying to fund. One of them is a bartacker. It will make everything way stronger and quicker than manually topstitch bartacking. These are used for webbing to webbing connections and to reinforce high stress areas of the bag. The second machine is a triple feed machine that will make sewing thick layers of fabric easier and quicker. 

Now we come to the part of the story where I get to share a couple of my designs for presale. There are tons of options for colors Black, Brown/Black, Coral/Teal, and Port/Yellow to name a few of my favorites. If the projects ends up funding itself, you will get to choose your colors and customize your bag. Check out the photos below to find all the fun new designs.  

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