Salsa Cycles presents: Along For The Ride

ALONG FOR THE RIDE is a short film about bike-parenting, a reflection on the positive impact of one family’s bikepacking experiences together as the father and three-year-old son, Oliver, embark on a 320km gravel race together to honour their shared time on the trail.

RJ Sauer and Sarah Coates were bikepacking and bikepack racing before their son Oliver was born, so when he came into their lives they just continued the tradition, navigating and adapting to the unique challenges of adventure with a toddler. Through their journey together, they found these experiences to be a unique opportunity to bond, slow down and truly connect over the ritualistic simplicity of biking and camping along the trail.

With Oliver growing up fast, learning to ride his own bike and the nature of their experiences together continuing to shift and change, RJ wanted to share an iconic adventure with Oliver to commemorate their experiences thus far. This led to the 2022 Rexy gravel race, a 320km event from Fruita, Colorado to Moab, Utah with a 24 hour time limit. Along the way, RJ is reminded of how precious time is and how meaningful these moments are with his son Oliver.

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