Ditch the Zip Ties: Rope Knots for Securing Cables

Learn how to secure cables to posts with versatile rope knots that act like zip ties. Perfect for DIYers and professionals seeking reliable alternatives.

Ditch the Zip Ties: Rope Knots for Securing Cables

Here's something awesome, a knot that acts like a zip tie for securing cables to square posts. Whether you're looking for a secure hold or a quick-release option, we've got you covered. Here's how to use simple rope to achieve the same results as zip ties.

First Class AmateurBrent shows how to tie two different knots that work like zip ties. The main knot he shows is a modified version of a Prusik hitch knot, a knot any mountainer/climber will be familiar with.

Secure Knot: The Rope Zip Tie

  1. Find the Center Point
    • Match the ends of your cord and find the center point.
  2. Create the Knot
    • Push the center forward around your finger.
    • Separate the strands and loop back around your finger.
    • Repeat this one more time.
  3. Thread and Tighten
    • Take the ends and thread them through the two holes created by the loops.
    • Pull tight to secure.

This knot mimics the tightening action of a zip tie, ensuring your cables are securely fastened.

Quick-Release Knot

  1. Form an Overhand Knot
    • Fold the cord in half and tie an overhand knot at the center.
    • Make the opening large enough to go around the post.
  2. Loop and Secure
    • Pass the cord around the post, pulling the loop to one side.
    • Overlap the loops and tuck one through the opening.
    • Pull tight to secure.

This knot is perfect for situations where you need to frequently adjust or remove the cables.

Marlin Spike Method

  1. Tie a Venus Flytrap Knot
    • Fold the cord in half and loop it twice around your finger.
    • Pass the ends through the created loops and around the post.
    • Thread the ends through the holes and pull tight.
  2. Using a Marlin Spike
    • For easy release, use a Marlin Spike to pierce the knot and pull the strands back out.