Rohan Dennis Abandons 2019 Tour de France, No One Knows Why

Rohan Dennis  (Bahrain-Merida) has abandoned the 2019 Tour de France after he climbed off the bike 80 kilometres from the end of stage 12. Bahrain-Merida has indicated that the team staff are unaware of the reasons why Dennis has pulled out of the race, but they have launched an investigation. What?

Bahrain-Merida Impromptu Presser

“We are confused as well. He abandoned the race on his own, tried to persuade him, there was perspective for tomorrow, but he didn’t wanna talk. Nothing to do with physical condition. Also on the phone he didn’t wanna talk.”

Regarding equipment: “He wants everything to be 100%, it;s hard to make everything 100%”

For those that were watching the live coverage, according to Thor Hushovd this might be about his team not allowing him to use the wheels of his choice in the ITT. Allegedly, he offered to pay for them out of his pocket and put the the stickers of the official sponsor on. He also said that the Bahrain-Merida TT wheels are 40 watts slower than other wheels out there, which seems impossible.

Weird stuff, hopefully more details will be out soon.

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