Rodeo Adventure Labs’ Explorts Bibs Make Nature Breaks a Breeze

Rodeo Adventure Labs’ Explorts Bibs Make Nature Breaks a Breeze

We’re finally seeing an influx of cycling apparel with well-thought-out adventure and endurance features. Rodeo Adventure Lab’s new Explorts Bibs pack in a number of new features the most exciting of which is a new “quick drawers” bib strap release system for quick nature breaks.

Info from Rodeo Adventure Labs:

“Quick Drawers” bib straps

Bib shorts have always been appreciated for comfort while riding and hated for being so difficult to  take off easily, especially when nature calls. Nobody likes peeling off one to four layers of jerseys and jacket to do what has to be done, but we’ve mostly put up with it for years. Is that really necessary? We decided to try to find a better way, and the Explorts feature a simple and clever quick release strap system that makes it surprisingly easy to take the shorts mostly off without having to peel off your tops. On a single ride this could save a few minutes of inconvenience, and over the course of a weeklong bikepacking race, you may just end up saving a lot more time than that.

In testing we’ve made sure the clips are comfortable and very quickly disappear when riding.

Our Quick Drawers straps are released by squeezing each low profile clip until the straps pop out. Reattaching is easily done, but a little pre-ride practice goes a long way to making sure you’re familiar with the feel out in the field. Securing the straps together with a safety pin where they cross on your back is an extra way to prevent the straps from pulling up over your shoulders when they are released and may make re-attaching them simpler for you. The thin profile of the clips may seem like it could get in the way but with thousands of miles of testing on this system we’ve found that you almost never feel the clips when out riding.

Fleece lined option

Our black and navy blue Explorts are optionally available with fleece lined main panels for extra warmth in the chilly months. Preferences vary a lot per rider, but we ride in these shorts with knee warmers down to just about or below the freezing point and up to about 70f on the warmer end.


Explorts feature an adventure tested Italian chamois that we’ve found works well for single day rides up to about 100 miles. As with many bib shorts you may want to think about chamois cream on rides longer than that or multi day long distance adventures. This will come down to personal preference and saddle choice as well as how rough your riding terrain is.

Explorts have four reflective accents on the lower back and behind each cargo pocket for added night time visibility.

Our laser-cut, siliconized grippers have a mildly compressive fit without cutting off circulation.

Explorts are made from globally sourced fabrics. The 1.0 Explorts primarily feature Italian materials.

Explorts are sewn and constructed in China. Our patterns and designs are proprietary and are the result of over two years of experimenting and revising.

Men’s size grid

All lengths measured in centimeters not inches. 

A1/2 Waist24-2626-2828-3030-3232-3434-3636-38
B1/2 Hip28-3030-3232-3434-3636-3838-4040-42
D1/2 Leg Hem13.5-14.514.5-15.515.5-16.516.5-17.517.5-18.518.5-19.519-20

Women’s size grid

All lengths measured in centimeters not inches.

A1/2 Waist28-3030-3232-3434-3636-38
B1/2 Hip30-3232-3434-3636-3838-40
D1/2 Leg Hem15.5-16.516.5-17.517.5-18.518.5-19.519.5-20.5

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