Rob Warner Attempts to Rebuild his 1996 World Cup Winning Bike

I love a good retro mountain bike build, the humor doesn’t hurt either.

I’ve never been a huge fan of keeping old bikes, but I knew if I was ever going to do a retro bike build, it had to be a good one. Some say it was the most iconic moment in the history of mountain biking, a pivotal moment for the sport. Of course, i’m talking about my iconic World Cup victory in Kaprun, 1996. Watch as I delve into my dad’s museum to find my world cup winning Giant ATX990 frame and start to plan how i’m going to take on the ultimate retro bike build. Can I even find all the parts to complete this build? I still don’t know the answer to that! Make sure to subscribe to find out as we’ll keep them coming until she’s done. Enjoy, Rob

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