ROAM Free: Escape From New York City

Great short video from Wahoo Fitness, now actually getting your hands on a ROAM is the real trick.

Sometimes you just need to push the reset button on life by going for a ride with friends, open landscapes and the freedom that comes from blocking off your calendar for the day. Leave work at the train station, hop on the train and come back refreshed and ready to tackle your next goal.

Local route master Don Nieva creates routes that inspire, cover varying terrain and aid in hitting that reset button. Don, obsesses over the process of building these routes knowing that the effort is worth it. The ride is not just the physical effort but is also the process of dreaming, planning and convincing your mates to join you on the journey. Community leaders Karen Yung and Lucia Deng seek to guide others in their journey from just starting to ride to racing to taking on big challenges like bikepacking Peru or Columbia.

The three get together to escape the town they all call home, New York City. ROAM Free.

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