Riding Fixed, Up Mountains, With Pros. w/ Toms Skujiņš

Riding Fixed, Up Mountains, With Pros. w/ Toms Skujiņš

In Episode 7, the Riding Fixed Up Mountains with Pros team met up with Toms Skujins only one week after his 2018 cycling season, which saw a King of the Mountains Jersey in Tour of California and the Tour De France, a national TT championship (Latvia), and multiple stages won around the world. They chat with Toms about his homeland Latvia, living in Colorado, bike racing, and of course his love of potatoes.

About the Series: “Riding Fixed, Up Mountains, With Pros.” The concept is simple, we wanted to get to know our favorite Pro cyclists and what better way to conduct a natural interview than on the bike, taking them out of their comfort zone just a bit by doing in with NO GEARS (and no brakes sometimes). Want to learn more?

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