Riding Fixed, Up Mountains, With Pros – Ep. 14: Oatman w/ Leo Rodgers

Overcoming Adversity, Inspiring Others Through Cycling

Hailing from Florida, by way of Southern California, Leo Rodgers has always craved speed and adventure. In 2007, Leo was involved in a motorcycle accident that significantly changed his life. Leo has since turned this unfortunate event into an opportunity to inspire others. Since then, Leo has traveled around the world, competing as a Paralympic medalist, participating in the most grueling gravel events, and of course, street cycling (O.G. Alleycats). Leo’s mission is to use cycling to inspire and motivate others to take action. He continues to spread his message through the Leo Rodgers Foundation.

 In this episode, we take Leo to visit Oatman, AZ, a town on the historic Route 66, where the weather is hot, the roads are windy, and the donkeys are the citizens. Buckle-up buckaroos, you’re in for a Wild West Adventure!

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