How To Ride Any Zwift Course at Any Time on iOS

We’ve previously covered how to ride any Zwift course at any time on Mac or PC, but now that the app is available on iOS it’s time to provide  an update.

Currently, Zwift  HQ publishes a monthly course schedule which is posted in the app and over on the  Zwift Support Hub. Eventually, they have promised that riders will be able to choose which of the three currently available courses they ride on. For some of us, eventually is not soon enough. If you want to choose which course you ride on when using Zwift for iOS, read on.

How To Ride Any Zwift Course at Any Time on iOS

The world tag hack is what I use to ride the course of my choice on my PC. Luckily, this hack can also be used on iOS. The process, however, is a bit more challenging. Here’s how to ride the any Zwift course on iOS €¦

First, download and install iFunbox. Then use iFunbox to edit your prefs.xml file:

  1. Connect your iOS device (iPad, iPhone) to your PC  with a lightning cable
  2. Open iFunbox
  3. Go to the “Managing App Data” tab and click Zwift>Open Sandbox
  4. Click on the Zwift>Zwift folder, right click on your prefs.xml file and choose “Copy to PC”
  5. Save a copy of your prefs.xml to your computer in the location of your choosing
  6. Open and edit prefs.xml on your computer (follow the instructions for doing that here)
  7. In iFunbox right-click prefs.xml and choose “Copy from PC.” Select the prefs.xml  that you edited on your computer.
  8. Run Zwift on your iDevice and choose your selected world quickly

Video: Editing prefs.xml to Ride Any Zwift Course at Any Time on iOS

So, why did I say select your world quickly? Because unlike editing the prefs.xml  file on PC or Mac, Zwift  iOS will automatically switch you back to the scheduled world if you don’t get past the startup screen quickly enough. Don’t give the app time to phone home and you’re good to go. If you see a “changing worlds…” message, you were too slow.

Remember, click your username quickly when signing in.