Ride To Extraordinary – The TNGA

Ride To Extraordinary is a new on-demand documentary series. Season #1 focuses on the TNGA (The Trans North Georgia Adventure). TNGA is more than a bikepacking race. It’s a test of will and endurance. It’s 357 miles filled with more than 50,000 feet of grueling climbs, wicked downhills, river crossings, hike-a-bikes, wild bears, boars, snakes – all in the blistering heat and unrelenting humidity of a Georgia summer. What makes someone do this? Ride along as bikers push past their own limits and face the darkest nights of their souls in the quest to go from Ordinary to Extraordinary. Season #1 kicked off April 30th with Episode #1, with new episodes and content available weekly on Tuesdays until completion of the series in July.

We follow not only the race leaders – who push through the entire course with almost no sleep and finish in just over two days – but also the unlikely heroes. The single mom fighting back against an autoimmune disease. The 69-year-old female retiree, seeking to become the oldest rider to ever finish TNGA. The coach who wants to inspire the kids on his mountain bike team. The work-a-day father who just wants to make his family proud.


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