Ride Farr’s Aero Gravel Bar

Ride Farr’s Aero Gravel Bar

It’s about time. Long days in the saddle necessitate extra hand positions on the bike to stay comfortable. Ride Farr, a brand out of South Africa focusing on endurance racing components and other products, just released this slick new Aero Gravel Bar. The bars have an short-throw aero bar out front to give riders an additional hand position during long gravel races. The bars are made from 6061-T6 alloy with a 25 º flare. The Aero Gravel bar will be available in 42, 44, 46cm widths. Get ready for pre-order coming this October over at Ride Farr. Looks like they run about $95 USD which ain’t bad at all.

Taking what we saw happening with our Aero Bolt-On and their popularity with the Gravel/Adventure crowd, we wanted to create a 1 Piece design that offered the extra hand positions and comfort all in an affordable package.

Enter the AERO GRAVEL ALLOY handlebar.

  • Integrated Aero Add-On
  • Provides Extra Hand Positions
  • Ideal for Gravel Bikes / Touring / Adventure
  • Alloy 6061-T6 Material
  • Ergo Top Profile for Comfort
  • Moderate 25 Degree Flare Angle
  • Available in 42, 44 , 46cm Sizes

Available October onwards. Pre-Order Available.