Ride Before You Decide: Appleman's Innovative 2XR FIT Crankset Rental Program

Ride Before You Decide: Appleman's Innovative 2XR FIT Crankset Rental Program

Finding the perfect crank length for your bike can make a significant difference in your riding experience. Appleman Bicycles understands this fundamental truth and has introduced a game-changing program – the 2XR FIT Crankset Rental Program. This initiative lets you test various crank lengths on your bike, ensuring a perfect fit right from the comfort of your saddle.

Appleman’s rental program operates on a straightforward premise – you pay a full-price deposit for the FIT cranks and other necessary parts. You can then install and test the cranks for up to three weeks from the delivery day. If you decide to purchase a 2XR Crankset during this time, a $50 credit will be applied to your new crankset. Once the cranks are returned to Appleman, the remaining balance, after accounting for rental costs, is refunded.

Rental costs are quite affordable, with a 2XR Fit Crankset rental set at $100 and an upfront deposit of $585. Additional parts like the Bottom Bracket and the Chainring can also be rented at $10 each with a $50 deposit. Additionally, shipping is free within the USA.

The rental program includes 2XR FIT Crank Arms, a 2XR Spider, a 2XR Spindle, spindle spacers, a return shipping label, and a new crank order form. Customers will need to provide their own chainring, bottom bracket, and the necessary tools for installation.

The 2XR Fit Crankset boasts impressive features including six crank lengths (175, 165, 155, 145, 135, 100mm) covering a wide range of rider sizes and styles. It is designed with five spindle widths to accommodate road, gravel, mountain, mid-fat, and fat bikes. With a 30mm diameter spindle – a common size that fits most bikes – the 2XR Fit Crankset is easily swappable, allowing you to change crank length simply by removing or installing the pedals.

This program exemplifies Appleman’s commitment to ensuring a perfect fit for every rider, providing the opportunity to test and select the best crankset for your needs. Appleman’s innovative approach to customer service may just be the perfect recipe for your ultimate cycling experience.

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