Revitalize Your Socks: Smartwool’s Innovative Recycling Program

Wool manufacturer Smartwool has partnered with Material Return™ circularity platform to launch a recycling initiative that collects and deconstructs hard-to-recycle socks, transforming them into new products.

What they accept:

Clean socks only (please)
All brands, colors, sizes, and materials welcome (we're not picky)
No rolled or paired socks, bags, rubber bands, paper clips (just single socks)

How to get involved:

Participate in Smartwool's third Take Back Event
Drop off your unwanted socks at a participating retailer during April. View the Retailer List
Request a Free Mail-in Kit
Add Smartwool's complimentary sock recycling bag to your purchase at checkout. The bag includes a pre-paid shipping label; simply gather your unwanted socks, attach the label, and drop it off. Order Here

Hats off to Smartwool for spearheading this significant initiative – especially since we always seem to lose one of our socks!

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