Recommended Reading: The Realities of a Black Man in the Bike World

Wesley Ferguson is a bike mechanic at Venture North Bikes & Coffee, a North Minneapolis non-profit organization working to increase racial, economic, and gender equity within and beyond the biking community. I highly recommend you take a few minutes and read his piece over at Surly Bikes.

A couple weeks ago a cop was like, “We had this bike reported stolen.” [ed. note: this is outside a local grocery store] And I’m like, alright, I have black and white bar tape interweaving here. I bet no one else has this build based off that alone, just in the Cities. If you can find that person for me, show me them. They will be my new friend. But then I challenged them on the serial number. “Oh, we don’t have that memorized.” Well I do, because that is the life of a Black man. I memorize my serial numbers.

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