Read: Renee Hutchen – The Importance of Land Acknowledgment

Renee Hutchen’s just published a great piece on what “land” means and I highly recommend you give it a read. As I prepare to drive 5 hours tomorrow to race dirt roads and enjoy alpine views, it was an exceptional and poignant read.

Biking inherently involves the land. We’re drawn to places for a reason. This is why races and events are held in specific locations. Why we travel hundreds of miles to ride certain trails. Why we climb for views. Why trail building thrives. Why companies and mountain bikers take pride in their backyard trails. Loving the places we ride shows we connect with the land. But if the land is only acknowledged and thought of as “local trails” or “backyard trails,” Indigenous people’s stories, history, and culture will continue to be erased. 

Read the full story at RockShox.

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