Ratio Announces a UK-Made Lightweight Derailleur Cage for GX AXS

Ratio Technology just launched a derailleur cage for Eagle AXS derailleurs. Machined from 7075 aluminum, the new cage features 14t and 12t jockeys running on stainless Enduro bearings held together with full stainless hardware.

The standout feature here is the cages’ weight. At just 79g, a Ratio cage saves 67g over GX AXS and 5g over X01 AXS. Seeing as SRAM’s electronic derailleurs are all virtually identical in construction outside of the cage itself, a GX AXS derailleur fitted with Ratio’s cage weighs the same as the SRAM’s X01 model at a lower cost.

The new cage also fits on all of SRAM’s Eagle AXS derailleurs, making it a universal replacement part otherwise not on offer.


  • Compatible with all SRAM Eagle AXS derailleurs
  • 7075 aluminium cage plates, CNC machined by Ratio in the Lakes
  • Delrin jockey wheels for smooth, quiet running, CNC machined by Ratio in the Lakes
  • Stainless Enduro jockey wheel bearings with labyrinth seals
  • Stainless cage hardware
  • Cage weight: 79g (SRAM GX AXS 144g)
  • Price: £89.50 inc. VAT / USD $91.50 / EUR 84.30€ / AUD $131.50

See more at Ratio.

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