Ratio 12-Speed Upgrade Kit

Ratio’s new upgrade kit allows you to pair 11 speed mechanical Sram® shifters with a 12 speed Eagle™ derailleur and cassette. This is the neatest solution on the market to gaining all the performance advantages of a wide-range 1×12 drivetrain on a gravel, road or touring bike without the expense of electronic shifting. Asking price is about $65 USD.

You’re building up a bike and you want to fit a wide-range mechanical 12 speed drivetrain. You’ll need:

  1. A Ratio 12 speed upgrade kit.
  2. A set of Sram® 11 speed levers. They can be for cable or hydraulic brakes, but the right hand shifter needs to be mechanical. The left hand lever can be 1x-specific (no shift lever) or you can use a 2x shifter and take the shift lever out or run a dropper with it.
  3. A Sram® Eagle® derailleur from the GX®, X01® or XX1® groups. You can’t use an NX® or SX® derailleur because the cable fin is riveted in place.
  4. A Sram® Eagle® 12 speed cassette. We can’t confirm that aftermarket cassettes will perform properly with your drivetrain.
  5. A 12 speed chain for Sram® Eagle® drivetrains.
  6. A 1×12 speed compatible chainring.

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