POC’s New Omne Eternal Helmet has Self Powered Lights

“Safety and innovation are at the very center of POC’s approach. We can all see the very positive shift towards cycling for transport, health and recreation, but with that change comes the well-documented safety worries and risks that cyclists feel when sharing the road. The Omne Eternal may be a world’s first, featuring groundbreaking solar cell technology, but our focus has been to provide riders with enhanced safety and a seamless user experience. Simply placing the helmet on the head will automatically activate the technology, enhancing safety without ever needing to think about it. And it supports all our efforts towards a more sustainable environment.”

Jonas Sjögren, POC CEO

This is an awesome option for keeping safe while keeping it simple. The Omne Eternal will cost $302 and be available online starting June 2021 on pocsports.com.

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