Pit Viper 'The Night Phantom' with Transition Lenses

Pit Viper 'The Night Phantom' with Transition Lenses

Pit Viper has announced a limited run of 100 The Night Phantom glasses with Pit Viper’s signature silhouette and a new transition lens.

There are only 100 of these in existence. Click the BUY NOW button. Then come read the description. I’ll wait.

The Night Phantom has the lens clarity and ANSI Z87+ rating of the 2000s you love, with a new laser engraved logo and Pit Viper’s first ever photochromic lens. That’s right, Pit Viper made a transition lens. That means they stay clear in low light conditions and darken when exposed to UV rays. Kind of like those glasses everyone had in 6th grade. Perfect for aprés ski, waking up in dark porta potties, sitting in movie theaters, sitting outside of movie theaters, exploring uncharted caves, seeing sunlight for the first time in months, and making your friends jealous because you have 1 of 100 Night Phantoms ever made.

It’s like magic right in front of your eyes.

We have noticed a small distortion in the lens directly under the middle of the cross bar. This is due to the photochromic process. We’re being transparent here. You will not notice it unless you’re crossing your eyes trying to look at your forehead, so just… don’t do that. If you’re unhappy with your limited edition Night Phantoms, you can return them for a full refund, or you can embrace the future, listen to your mother, and quit crossing your eyes before they get stuck that way.

Technical  Specifications

UV Protection: 100%

Light Transmission Range: 33.4-54.5%

Lens:   Z87+ Rated 2.2mm Polycarbonate

Width:  5 5/8 inch (Merika) | 143mm (Metric)