Pinarello Drops New Dogma F12 Road Bike for Team Ineos

Pinarello Drops New Dogma F12 Road Bike for Team Ineos

Pinarello announced its new flagship road racing rig today, the Dogma F12. I guess 11 doesn’t get any love, because they skipped right over it with the F12. Interesting, considering the new Dogma F12 looks to be more of an incremental improvement over the previous F10 than a big leap.

Overall, Pinarello’s new F12 looks a lot like the Dogma F10 that precedes it. The wavy fork and seatstays carry over, but now there’s a strange little kink in the top tube as well. Tube shape is the same too, Pinarello is sticking with the Kamm tail “FlatBack” tube profiles that launched a few years ago. Pinarello claims a 7.3% reduction in aerodynamic drag when compared to the F10, for a power savings of 8W at 40m/h. How those figures were derived isn’t entirely clear. Whether or not it carries over into the real world TBD.

Cable routing is now fully internal, including through the cockpit and headset area which may attribute more to the aerodynamics than anything else to do with the frame. Pinarello also claims a 10% increase in lateral frame stiffness attributed to the move to Torayca 1100 carbon fiber and a redesigned chainstay profile.

The cockpit for the Dogma F12 is Pinarello’s new Most Talon Ultra integrated cockpit. You guessed it, some pretty big claims here too. Pinarello claims the new cockpit is 10.3% lighter, 8.6% stiffer, and 5% more [aerodynamically] efficient than the Most Talon Aero. Sixteen combinations of stem length and bar width will be available.

The Dogma F12 will be offered in thirteen sizes (rim-brake and disc-brake versions). Claimed weight for the rim-brake frame is 820g while the disc version is 840g. Both will accommodate 28mm-wide tires.

The Dogma F12 frameset alone will demand a whopping $6,500.