Peter Stetina Lowering the White Rim FKT

There wasn’t much racing here in 2020, but one of the highlights of my cycling year was racing alongside Peter Stetina at the Lake City Alpine 50. By aside, I mean immediately sucking his dust and finishing hours behind him, but I digress.

In lieu of physical bicycle races, setting Fastest Known Times on popular routes is the new measuring stick for cyclists in the Covid era. And the White Rim trail in Utah’s Canyonlands is inarguably the most coveted off-road FKT crown in the world. Chartered cycling tours typically cover the 100-mile loop in three days, but world championship contenders of both road and mountain bike racing continue to lower its FKT with elite women completing the course in 7+ hour, while pro men push sub-6-hour finishes.

Within the last few years, personal-best efforts have set faster known times on the White Rim—the trail entices top athletes to challenge the epic route, go faster, and continually decrease the fastest time as we know it…

This video documents the all-out efforts of Amity Rockwell and Peter Stetina en route to lowering the overall fastest known time on the White Rim in early October 2020.

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