Peter Stetina Answers All Your Gravel Cycling Questions in “Let’s Privateer”

You have questions—we have answers. This is the Partner’s Guide to Privateering: Gravel Made Simple. Join Peter “Pete” Stetina and Annalisa “Barb” Fish for this episode of Let’s Privateer—Ask a Privateer. So what is a “privateer,” anyway? Answer: It’s what you want it to be—some call it, “the spirit of gravel.” It’s a race against yourself—although, it can be a race against others. Gravel is so much more than a terrain, it is a lifestyle that goes hand-in-hand with “privateering.” It’s like peanut butter and jelly—gravel and privateering.

Here’s a sample inquiry from a cyclist new to gravel: “What’s all the pressure with tire pressure? I don’t get it. You put air in your tire and just go right?” Well, it’s not that simple—tires are like shoes for your bike. And you don’t want to go playing in the snow in flip-flops, get what we’re saying? You’re going to have to practice with different tire pressure, tread casings and compounds to find what you like for different conditions of gravel.

But the biggest question we answer: “What is this new genre of cycling—is it ‘groad’ or “grinding” or “Vitamin G” or “pebble dashing” or what?” Whatever you call it, it’s just another way to recognize another privateer, and like-minded all-surface cyclist, among the masses.

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