PEDALITALY Launches a Virtual 5-Stage Race series, “PEDALITALY Giro di Sera”, the Spring Edition on ROUVY

Lucca, Tuscany (Italy) / From May 10th onwards, the global cycling community will be competing virtually on beautiful, real-life routes across Italy. Those who dream about cycling in Italy are welcome to ride these routes from the best Italian races and stage tours, right from their own homes.

Lucca, Tuscany (Italy) / May 5th, 2021Great virtual racing experiences, enabling athletes to ride the iconic cycling locations of the next real-life events from home, is the core of ROUVY’s augmented cycling reality platform. Exciting and immersive routes and breathtaking views promise a lot of racing fun for all the riders of various levels during the virtual journey around Italian peninsula. This time PEDALITALY takes athletes on a virtual multi-stage Tour consisting of 5 races in ITALY! These 5 racing days will test cyclists for climbing, tactical and time trial skills, on both long and short routes. Racing starts on May 10th with a visit to Canelli, the Italian town in the province of Asti, a UNESCO heritage site in the heart of the Monferrato Area. During the 1st stage, the participants will be involved in an exciting exploration of the Langhe area, one of the most beautiful cycling destinations in Italy. The other stages will enable participants to discover more spectacular cycling destinations in Italy such as the Brunello of Montalcino area in Tuscany, Passo Fedaia in the Dolomites, Abruzzo and the Italian Alps.

“With PEDALITALY Giro di Sera Spring Edition, fans around the world will have the unique opportunity to race from home but on the same roads and on the same days as the professionals when they battle it out in the first stage race of the season”, says Gabriele Mirra, Co-Founder and CEO of PEDALITALY.


PEDALITALY Giro di Sera Racing Series / May 10, 2021 – May 28, 2021

DateRouteEurope Time, Prague  North America Time, San Francisco Asia Time, Tokyo 
May 10th, MondayCanelli, Italy7:00 pm CEST(6:00 pm UTC)6:00 pm PDT(02:00 am UTC)8:00 pm JST(11:00 am UTC)
May 16th, SundayPasso Godi, Italy7:00 pm CEST(6:00 pm UTC)6:00 pm PDT(02:00 am UTC)8:00 pm JST(11:00 am UTC)
May 19th, WednesdayMontalcino, Italy7:00 pm CEST(6:00 pm UTC)6:00 pm PDT(02:00 am UTC)8:00 pm JST(11:00 am UTC)
May 24th, MondayPasso Fedaia, Italy7:00 pm CEST(6:00 pm UTC)6:00 pm PDT(02:00 am UTC)8:00 pm JST(11:00 am UTC)
May 28th, FridayAlpe di Mera, Italy7:00 pm CEST(6:00 pm UTC)6:00 pm PDT(02:00 am UTC)8:00 pm JST(11:00 am UTC)


  • The competition is open to anyone with a smart trainer. Athletes of all levels are welcome to join. Mass start for all riders.
  • Each day is an individual, stand-alone single race with the individual and overall general classification based on points.
  • Bike selection and drafting are available and always “ON”.
  • Ranking in the series is based on the best 3 results in the races. In each race, points are distributed accordingly.
  • All participants will be rewarded with a virtual pink jersey each for their avatars, dedicated to the event.


Athletes wishing to participate in the PEDALITALY Giro di Sera series must have a smart trainer, bike, and a device capable of using ROUVY, such as a phone, tablet, computer, or AppleTV, connected to the Internet. A valid ROUVY account is also required and new riders are offered an additional 14-day free trial to be part of the action.

Broadcast dates: To be provided before the race.

For Rules and Registration visit:


PEDALITALY is the first Neverending Cycling model in the world dedicated to cycling tourism in Italy. The project is innovative because it combines a virtual cycling format with an offer of real cycling tourism in the most beautiful destinations in Italy. The digital format combines cycling aspects with those of entertainment and enhancement of the territory. While pedaling, ridersdiscover insights about the area of reference.“Virtual and Real cycling”is the slogan of the initiative.


ROUVY is a digital racing platform that brings the experience of real-life cycling competitions to your home. ROUVY offers thousands of exciting virtual roads to join the pro peloton online or to compete with friends. Overlaying 3D avatars over the geo-synced video footage, ROUVY makes home training both realistic and fun. Cycling enthusiasts and the most demanding athletes are welcome to cycle the world from their own homes to stay fit or to get ready for the next race!





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