Pedal Through Paradise on Zwift's New Southern Coast

Pedal Through Paradise on Zwift's New Southern Coast

Fall is here, Zwift beckons! But here’s the good news, virtual cyclists have some stunning new scenery! Zwift just unveiled its latest route addition – the Southern Coast. This captivating 19 km corridor links Watopia’s Fuego Flats to the Mayan Jungle, treating riders to diverse landscapes along the way.

Accessing the Route

The Southern Coast comes with Zwift’s 1.51 game update. Look out for it next time you log on! All riders can try the route during the upcoming Tour of Watopia stage 5, starting October 30th. After the event wraps, any Zwift user level 10+ gains permanent access.

A Scenic Tour

Glide past palm trees and rocky shores as you make your way from funky fishing village Googie Springs to the lush Evergreen Coast. Next up is the colorful town of Ciudad La Cumbre, followed by Sandy Coast’s Mayan-inspired vibes. The route ends back in the steamy Mayan Jungle. With four new sprint segments, you’ll find adrenaline around every turn!

Zwift Southern Coast New Routes

  • Coast Crusher: 34 km (approx. 21.1 miles) with 172 meters (approx. 564.3 feet) of ascent.
  • The Big Ring: 48 km (approx. 29.8 miles) with 268 meters (approx. 879.9 feet) of ascent.
  • Accelerate to Elevate: 41 km (approx. 25.5 miles) with 1,152 meters (approx. 3779.5 feet) of ascent.
  • Shorelines and Summits: 46 km (approx. 28.6 miles) with 776 meters (approx. 2545.9 feet) of ascent.
  • Sugar Cookie: 33 km (approx. 20.5 miles) with 250 meters (approx. 820.2 feet) of ascent.
  • Going Coastal: 16 km (approx. 9.9 miles) with 63 meters (approx. 206.7 feet) of ascent.
  • Temple Trek: 6 km (approx. 3.7 miles) with 25 meters (approx. 82.0 feet) of ascent.
  • Canopies and Coastlines: 22 km (approx. 13.7 miles) with 124 meters (approx. 406.8 feet) of ascent.

When Can You Enjoy the Zwift Southern Coast

“All Zwifters can check out the new roads as soon as their game is updated to version 1.51, and during the fifth stage of the Tour of Watopia, which begins on Oct. 30. Upon conclusion of the Tour of Watopia, Zwifters will need to be at level 10 or higher to enjoy the coastal causeway and new routes.

More to Come

The Southern Coast paves the way for future route expansions. Zwift plans to keep building out the virtual highway with more destinations. For now, riders can enjoy meandering along gorgeous coastal views.