Illuminate Your Ride: Celebrating 30 Years of PEARL iZUMi's BioViz Technology

Discover the BioViz Remix collection from PEARL iZUMi, merging enhanced visibility with a touch of retro style for cyclists.

Illuminate Your Ride: Celebrating 30 Years of PEARL iZUMi's BioViz Technology

For three decades, PEARL iZUMi has been a notable name in cyclist safety, primarily through its BioViz technology, known for significantly improving rider visibility. As part of its continuous evolution, PEARL iZUMi introduces the BioViz Remix collection, aiming to integrate visibility with vintage design elements.

The BioViz Remix doesn't just focus on making riders more visible; it also attempts to blend in a bit of the past through its design. This approach to combining visibility with style may appeal to those looking for gear that stands out, both in function and fashion.

Key Pieces from the Collection:

  • Attack Air Jersey: This piece targets performance-focused riders, featuring a fit designed for aerodynamics. The jersey incorporates In-R-Cool® Infrared technology, aiming to make darker colors behave like lighter ones in terms of reflection and cooling. While it tries to marry function with style, some might find the longer sleeves and three rear pockets to be practical, yet not necessarily groundbreaking.
  • Attack Air Bib Short: Crafted for comfort in warmer conditions, these bib shorts are made from a breathable, stretchy fabric. They include the Levitate™ Plus chamois for support, which is a plus for long rides. Details like laser-cut leg openings and perforated venting are intended for both functionality and style, although the overall impact on performance can vary depending on the rider.

As PEARL iZUMi marks 30 years of contribution to cycling safety, the BioViz Remix collection represents another step in its journey. While the attempt to mix enhanced visibility with retro aesthetics is clear, the effectiveness and appeal of this approach will depend on individual preferences. The collection aims to offer something a bit different in the market, combining safety features with a unique style that may catch the eye of certain cyclists looking for more than just functional gear.