PBS Retro Brings Classic Kids' Shows to Streaming

Explore PBS Retro, a new channel on The Roku Channel featuring classic PBS kids' shows like Mister Rogers' and Reading Rainbow. Dive into nostalgia and share timeless lessons with your children!

PBS Retro Brings Classic Kids' Shows to Streaming

As we witness an ever-growing digital landscape, the arrival of PBS Retro on The Roku Channel is a breath of fresh air for parents and children alike. This new channel offers a treasure trove of beloved PBS classics from the '70s, '80s, and '90s, such as "Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood," "Thomas and Friends," and many others, now available for streaming.

What is PBS Retro?

PBS Retro is a free, ad-supported streaming (FAST) channel that caters to those looking to revisit the educational and entertaining programs they grew up with. It's available through The Roku Channel, which is accessible not only on Roku devices but also via web browsers and Google TV.

A Look at the Content

The channel features an array of timeless PBS shows that many parents today fondly remember from their own childhoods. These include:

  • Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: The gentle, comforting presence of Fred Rogers continues to teach lessons of love and kindness.
  • Thomas and Friends: The adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends, which teach valuable lessons about friendship and cooperation.
  • Reading Rainbow: LeVar Burton’s iconic series that encouraged children to love reading.
  • Kratt's Creatures and Zoboomafoo: Shows that explore the animal kingdom in a fun and educational way.

Why It Matters

Andrea Downing, President of PBS Distribution, emphasizes the importance of reconnecting audiences with the content that shaped their early years. The Roku Channel, home to PBS Retro, also hosts other themed PBS channels like PBS Antiques Roadshow, PBS Food, and PBS Nature, proving its commitment to providing diverse and enriching content.