Paul Components Releases Limited Run of Blue Anodized Components

Who doesn’t love blue?

PRESS RELEASE: Paul Components

Sure, CNC-machined black bike parts look hella tough. And our mirror-finish hand-polished components look suuuper classy. But who doesn’t want to jazz up their bikes with some eye-grabbing, colorfully anodized goodness every once and a while? Hmmm… Just one gold dropper trigger on the mountain bike for a touch of flair? Or a cross bike with purple… EVERYTHING?

For 2020, we’ll be offering a limited run of Blue Anodized components. This will be the third time we’ve done so in PAUL history. The first time we offered blue was in the heyday of the late ’80s/early ’90s American made, colorfully ano’d mountain bike goodies (we’re one of the few American-made bike part companies to survive since then!). The second time was for a PAULcamp event we threw about 3 years ago. There’s an 80’s BMX vibe about blue ano that says LET’S GET RAD!

Blue Parts can be found NOW peppered throughout our website here.

Paul Components Limited Run of Blue Anodized Components Gallery

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