Panaracer Unveils 2021 Limited Edition Gravelking Colors

Panaracer Unveils 2021 Limited Edition Gravelking Colors

OSAKA, JAPAN (April 20, 2021) —Tire manufacturer Panaracer is proud to unveil its 2021 limited edition Gravelking Color tires. For a fourth year in a row, Panaracer has made its dominant gravel tire available in unique colors to help riders add a pop of color and personal flare to their bike builds.

These single-run, limited edition colored Gravelking tires are made with the same ZSG tyre compound technology, anti-flat casing and 120tpi construction riders have come to know and trust. All Gravelking tires 32 and up are tubeless compatible as well.

For 2021, Panaracer has produced a “Pansy” blue and “Flamingo Pink” tire to their line-up. Both come with a brown sidewall and will be limited to the 700 x 32 and 700 x 38 sizes only.

The color Gravelking tires will, however, be available in all three GravelKing thread patterns: the SS, SK and Slicks.

“These limited edition tires have garnered a bit of a cult following in the bike scene, and it’s a fun challenge to come out with something different every year. For 2021, we choose Pansy, because it’s a really beautiful and rich color that’s also rather unique, and pink because it has been the number one requested color by Panaracer fans for a while now,” said Jeff Zell, Panaracer’s Global Go-To Guy.

Previously produced colors include mustard yellow, purple, sandstone and ivory, military and olive greens, blue, and orange. And all but a handful of these tires have long sold out.

“All of our limited edition colors have done really well and sold out quickly. They are a single-run production, which means we will only make them once and when they sell out, they really are gone. So get yours before it’s too late,” encouraged Zell.

Look for the 2021 Limited Edition Gravelking colors to be shipping early to mid June directly from, and via our distributors in North America and Europe. If ordering from the Panaracer USA site, customers can sign up to be notified via email once the tires are in stock and ready to be shipped.