New Cardiovascular Features from Oura Ring: Track Your Heart's Age and Capacity

Explore the Oura Ring's new features this May: cardiovascular age and capacity metrics, designed to enhance your long-term heart health.

New Cardiovascular Features from Oura Ring: Track Your Heart's Age and Capacity

In a bid to enhance how we monitor cardiovascular health, the Oura Ring is set to introduce two pivotal features this May: cardiovascular age and cardiovascular capacity. This latest update, available for Gen 3 users, not only extends the device's functionality but also shifts its focus towards long-term wellness impacts.

Understanding Cardiovascular Age

Cardiovascular age, a new metric offered by the Oura Ring, uses advanced photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors to assess the stiffness of your arteries. By measuring the pulse wave velocity, the device can gauge how hard your heart is working and the potential wear on your organs due to arterial stiffness. After two weeks of tracking, users receive a comparison of their vascular system's age against their chronological age, helping them understand their cardiovascular health more intuitively.

Boosting Cardio Capacity with VO2 Max

Another significant addition is the cardiovascular capacity feature, which revolves around estimating your VO2 Max through a six-minute walking test. VO2 Max, commonly associated with athletes, measures cardiorespiratory health and is an indicator of endurance capabilities. Oura's approach, however, focuses on everyday health implications, offering insights into future scenarios based on your current fitness trajectory.

Practical Advice and Long-Term Benefits

The Oura app complements these measurements by providing actionable advice on improving both cardiovascular age and VO2 Max. By following the recommendations, users can potentially enhance their heart health and longevity. The guidance is tailored to encourage users to make lifestyle changes that yield long-term benefits, aligning with Oura's shift towards promoting sustainable health practices.

Competing in the Smart Ring Market

With competition heating up in the smart ring sector—highlighted by Samsung's upcoming entry into the market—Oura is not just resting on its laurels. The company continues to innovate and invest in research, emphasizing features like early illness detection and other beta features, preparing for more advancements in 2025.

Oura's commitment to integrating scientific research into its products, coupled with the introduction of these new features, underscores its dedication to helping users maintain a healthy lifestyle over the long term. As wearable technology evolves, Oura's focus on actionable, long-term health metrics sets it apart in a crowded market.


The Oura Ring's new features are a testament to the brand's innovative spirit and focus on holistic, long-term health. By understanding and improving our cardiovascular age and capacity, we can not only enhance our daily lives but also pave the way for a healthier future.