OTTOLOCK Ups Security With New HEXBAND Cinch Lock

OTTOLOCK Ups Security With New HEXBAND Cinch Lock

OTTO DesignWorks just announced an updated version of their popular Cinch Lock, called the HEXBAND series. Like the original, it’s essentially a giant locking zip-tie made from stainless steel and Kevlar, allowing some security for quick stops. The new iteration of the lock has been beefed up to further deter thieves, it’s worth noting that the announcement comes on the heels of some scrutiny of the original.


Compared to the original, the new HEXBAND doubles the internal layers of stainless steel from three to six, combined with the original wrapping of Kevlar. In the video above, you can see that it’s highly resistant to snips, shears, and even heavy-duty bolt cutters.  

The price increases by $5 to $10 per size for the updated version, plus weight increases of about 75 grams. Additionally, the belt itself has been updated from an anti-scratch Santoprene coating to a Zinc Cerakote case.

The HEXBAND is available in 18 €³, 30 €³, and 60 €³ lengths, selling for $65, $75, and $95 respectively. Available in March, with only one color (titanium) to begin with. Learn more or pre-order here.