The Ornot Micro Musette: A Featherweight Cycling Companion

Ornot Micro Musette: Ultralight 35g Cycling Bag. Expanding for extra storage, in vibrant tangerine, olive, or gray. NeoShell Musette: Durable, water-resistant, in navy or gray. Both made in California.

The Ornot Micro Musette: A Featherweight Cycling Companion

In the realm of cycling accessories, the Ornot Micro Musette is a standout for its ultralight design, weighing a mere 35 grams. This compact bag can be folded down to fit comfortably in your hand, exemplifying convenience and portability. For those seeking additional protection for their belongings, Ornot also offers the NeoShell Musette. Although slightly heavier, this alternative is crafted from reclaimed Polartec NeoShell fabric, providing enhanced weather resistance.

Ornot Micro Musette: The Pinnacle of Lightness

Dubbed the "World's Lightest Bike Bag," the Ornot Micro Musette is an epitome of simplicity and efficiency in a classic shoulder bag design. Its tangerine orange color adds a vibrant touch to its minimalist aesthetic. The bag's size (33x38 cm or 13x15 inches) is deceptively spacious, thanks to an expanding gusset pleat at the bottom, allowing for additional storage. This feature makes the Micro Musette significantly more capacious than standard flat-style musettes, able to carry up to six water bottles or an equivalent number of bhan mi sandwiches.

Versatile and Visible

The Micro Musette is not just about carrying capacity. It includes a reflective tab for improved visibility in low-light conditions — a thoughtful addition for cyclists. Its shoulder strap, while not adjustable, is reinforced for durability and can be easily modified with a knot for a shorter length.

The NeoShell Musette: Robust and Water-Resistant

For those needing a sturdier option, the NeoShell Musette is an ideal choice. Made from stretchy, highly water-resistant remnant Polartec NeoShell fabric, this bag is designed for more regular, heavy-duty use. While it lacks a dedicated stuff pocket and is not as compact as the Micro Musette, its resilience makes it a reliable option in various weather conditions.

Pricing and Availability

Both the Micro Musette and NeoShell Musette maintain a simple design and are fully produced in California. The Ornot Micro Musette, available in tangerine, olive green, and light slate gray, is priced at $38. The NeoShell Musette, in navy blue and slate gray, offers even more value at $30. These practical, classic cycling shoulder bags can be purchased directly from Ornot.

Whether you choose the ultra-lightweight Micro Musette or the more robust NeoShell Musette, Ornot provides options to suit different needs and preferences, all while upholding their commitment to simplicity and functionality in cycling gear.