Orion and the Dark

Charlie Kaufman's new children's movie 'Orion and the Dark' debuts on Netflix. This animated film, inspired by Emma Yarlett's book, blends Kaufman's unique style with a captivating story for kids and adults.

Orion and the Dark

In the latest venture into the world of animation, the renowned writer Charlie Kaufman, famous for his thought-provoking films like "I’m Thinking of Ending Things," "Synecdoche, New York," and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," presents the children's movie "Orion and the Dark." This animated feature, which has been garnering positive reviews, is set to premiere on Netflix on February 2nd.

"Orion and the Dark," based on the beloved book by Emma Yarlett, marks a departure from Kaufman's usual style. The AV Club notes that while the film might look different from Kaufman’s previous works, it unmistakably carries his unique personality. The film's approach to storytelling is praised for not underestimating the intelligence of its audience, particularly resonating with children around the age of 11, similar to the characters in the movie.

The story revolves around young Orion, who embarks on an enchanting adventure with the mysterious entity known as 'The Dark.' This journey is not just about confronting fears but also about the unfolding friendship between Orion and The Dark. The narrative is expected to weave Kaufman's signature blend of depth and whimsy, promising an experience that is both entertaining and intellectually stimulating for young viewers.

"Orion and the Dark" is anticipated to be a visually stunning piece, featuring a unique animation style that complements its imaginative storyline. The film is part of Netflix’s efforts to expand its library of family-friendly content, and it stands out as a significant addition given Kaufman's acclaimed filmography. This film is not only expected to appeal to children but also to adult fans of Kaufman’s work, who are eager to see how his distinctive storytelling translates into a film for a younger audience.