Onsen Bath Towels

Bath towels aren’t something I spend a lot of time thinking about. So, when Onsen set me a set of their bath towels to try out my first thought was; how different could they really be? Turns out I should give a little more thought to my bath towel.

“Onsen” is the Japanese word for hot spring. Japanese grooming and home products are well known for valuing quality and effectiveness over cheap production. So it’s only fitting that the best bath towel I’ve ever tried carries the name. Onsen towels are not just super soft, but more importantly are fast drying. Not only does the towel remove water from your skin quickly, but the towel itself dries very quickly.

For those of us that shower twice daily (before work and after the evening workout) this is huge. No more musty towels!

Onsen  towels are made from extra-long Supima cotton fiber and as advertised they do get softer with every wash. My old bath towel got more matted and less absorbent with every wash. The towels look weird upon first inspection, they’re made into a waffle weave and they’re super lightweight compared to a traditional towel. But that weave is designed to dry quickly, which it does, and don’t confuse weight for absorbency because these towels have plenty of drying power.

In addition to being efficient at drying, Onsen towels look pretty good too. No annoying prints or weird colors here. Just white and grey. I highly recommend picking one up and giving it a go, I don’t think I’ll be going back to a traditional bath towel.