The Celestial Partnership Continues: OMEGA X SWATCH Unveils the Full Moon Watch

Discover the OMEGA X SWATCH Full Moon: a captivating blend of moon phase magic and iconic design, featuring Snoopy and crafted from innovative Bioceramic.

The Celestial Partnership Continues: OMEGA X SWATCH Unveils the Full Moon Watch

Two years after the OMEGA X SWATCH collaboration first captured our imaginations, the celestial partnership expands its universe with the introduction of the Full Moon, a new timepiece that embodies the magic of lunar cycles. This latest model, priced at an accessible $310, is a seamless blend of functionality and whimsy, distinguished by its all-white aesthetic and the enchanting moon phase function, a first for Swatch. With its roots deeply entrenched in the narrative of space exploration, the Full Moon watch pays homage to the iconic Snoopy character, a symbol of adventure and resilience, positioned gracefully on the moon phase disc.


  • Price: $310
  • Collection: Non-limited edition, part of the OMEGA X SWATCH series
  • Features: Moon phase indicator, chronograph function, UV light-revealed quote on the moon phase mask and disc
  • Design: All-white appearance, featuring Snoopy on the moon phase disc, dot above the 90 on the tachymeter-scaled bezel, distinctive asymmetrical case, characteristic Speedmaster subdials
  • Material: Bioceramic (two-thirds ceramic, one-third bio-sourced from castor oil)
  • Strap: VELCRO©, astronaut-ready
  • Special Notes: Mission statement on the caseback, OMEGA X SWATCH branding on the dial and crown, Snoopy-themed moon on the battery cover

The Bioceramic MoonSwatch Mission To MoonPhase stands as a tribute to the storied history of space exploration, integrating the timeless allure of the moon phase with the practicality of a chronograph. It not only celebrates the historic ties between OMEGA, NASA, and the enduring legacy of the Speedmaster Moonwatch but also introduces a playful twist with Snoopy, echoing the spirit of discovery and optimism. Whether you're a watch enthusiast or a collector, this piece promises to be a captivating addition to any collection, bringing a piece of the cosmos to your wrist.