Old Man Winter Rally 10th Anniversary: Embrace the Chill for an Epic Adventure! ❄️🚴‍♀️

Old Man Winter Rally 10th Anniversary: Embrace the Chill for an Epic Adventure! ❄️🚴‍♀️

Now in its 10th year, the ‘Epic Winter Adventure’ known as the Old Man Winter Rally has become an iconic kickoff event for adventurous runners and riders nationwide. This celebration of winter athleticism and camaraderie has evolved into Colorado’s premier winter running and cycling festival.

Event Highlights and Details

Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming Old Man Winter Rally:

  • Registration is Open: The event is now open to the public, and with its growing popularity, it’s likely to sell out soon.
  • Date and Participants: On Sunday, February 4, 2024, 2,000 riders and runners will gather in Lyons to take on the challenge.
  • Prize Purse: Elite riders and runners will compete for an impressive $8,000 prize purse in cash and prizes.
  • Weather and Location: The Old Man Winter Rally has seen all types of weather, from blizzards to sunny days. On average, you can expect 45-degree weather with sunshine. The event will be hosted at Bohn Park, a multi-million dollar project completed in the wake of the historic 2013 floods.
  • Variety of Events: Choose from a variety of events, including the 50K Bike, 100K Bike, 10K Run, 5K Run, 10K Run / 50K Bike combo, and the 10K Run / 50K Bike Team Duo.

Diverse Course Options

Mark your calendars for Sunday, February 4th, as the Old Man Winter Rally offers a diverse array of course options to cater to varying tastes and abilities. Cyclists can opt for challenging 50km or 100km routes, while runners can test their mettle in 5K or 10K races. And for those who relish the thrill of multisport endeavors, the Run/Bike combo remains a popular choice.

Updated Run Courses

This year, the run courses have been updated to include an entertaining route through Downtown Lyons, allowing runners to experience the town’s history while navigating its parks and trails. For cyclists, the 50K bike course has been honed over the years and is now a classic route that gravel enthusiasts enjoy throughout the year. The 100K course offers an adventurous and challenging route, especially with winter conditions and guaranteed snow on the single-track section.

Celebrate at the Finish Line

The festivities don’t end at the finish line; they transition into a bona fide celebration at Bohn Park. Participants will be greeted with warming bonfires, live musical performances, delectable cuisine (including beloved s’mores), and a selection of beverages, including offerings from Bootstrap Brewing Beer and craft cocktails. Join us in commemorating a decade of wintery athleticism and camaraderie at the 10th anniversary of the Old Man Winter Rally!

A Look Back in Time

Reflecting on the history of the Old Man Winter Rally:

  • 2015: In its debut year, gravel bikes weren’t in fashion yet, and future Tour de France stage winner Sepp Kuss nearly won on a road bike.
  • 2016: The running event was added, drawing in 500 participants in year one.
  • 2018: The course was revised, offering the first and only Northbound version.
  • 2020: A massive winter storm rolled through, forcing the cancellation of the 100K bike event 10 miles in, making it a monumental story in the race’s history.
  • 2021: The event adapted to COVID restrictions with a “DIY” style format, allowing riders to ride the course with their pod.
  • 2022: The Rally returned from the pandemic full steam ahead, drawing in pro riders, everyday athletes, and riders and runners from all backgrounds.
  • 2023: The Rally moved to a new venue, Bohn Park, and sold out with 1500 participants.

A Winter Adventure Awaits

“Old Man Winter is all about gearing up for winter adventure, having fun with your buddies, and enjoying a great party at the finish line,” says Josh Kravetz, the event’s founder and President of Adventure Fit, a Boulder-based Active Entertainment event company.

For those not competing, spectating locations like the top of the Rowena trail (off CO Rd 83) and Old Stage offer a glimpse of the variety of terrain the riders will challenge. Early February in Colorado can bring spring conditions or mid-winter snow, making each year’s route an exciting surprise. The after-party in Lyons is open to all, with bonfires, s’mores, cold beer, and warm food.

Registration and additional event information is online at: OldManWinterRally.com

Join me in a few months for some winter adventure! 🎉❄️🍻