Nike Returns to Cycling with SuperRep Indoor Cycling Shoes

Nike was briefly one of the top dogs of cycling shoes in the late ’90s and early 2000s (wonder what those years align with…). In 2008, Nike left the market altogether. Weirdly, Mark Cavendish and Adam Blythe sill wear Nike shoes. The Nike SuperRep Cycle was specifically developed for indoor cycling. To better cope with the lateral forces and the loads associated with indoor spinning, a supportive arch on the insole of the shoe is intended to help stabilize your feet. The Nike SuperRep Cycle is also said to provide better ventilation for your feet thanks to lightweight mesh, perforated liners and vents placed to improve the airflow around your toes. They will be available for in black and white for both men and women, as well as neon orange and pink exclusively for the women’s version only. Bummer, because I want pink.

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