MyWhoosh Rolls Out Game-Changing 3.6.0 Update

Explore MyWhoosh's 3.6.0 update, featuring new rider profiles, achievements, and live results graph, ensuring an immersive indoor cycling experience. Upgrade your ride today.

MyWhoosh Rolls Out Game-Changing 3.6.0 Update

MyWhoosh has once again upped the ante in the virtual cycling world with its latest 3.6.0 update, a comprehensive enhancement packed with features set to redefine the indoor cycling experience. As the official partner of the UCI e-sports Cycling World Championships for 2024-2026, MyWhoosh is not just staying ahead of the curve; it's setting the pace.

Key to this update is the introduction of new Rider Profiles, enabling cyclists to meticulously track and analyze their training progress, achievements, and performance history. This personalized approach not only motivates riders to push their limits but also offers a deeper dive into their cycling journey.

The 3.6.0 update isn't just about looking back; it's also about rewarding the present and planning for the future. With the new Economy feature, riders can earn rewards and unlock virtual accessories and upgrades for their cyclist and bike, adding a layer of strategy and personalization to the experience.

Achievements and Trophies have also received a significant boost, allowing cyclists to compete for bragging rights and collect trophies that showcase their accomplishments. Combined with the Live Result Graph, cyclists can now monitor their performance in real-time with sophisticated data visualization, making every race a chance to learn and improve.

Ensuring fair play remains a cornerstone of the MyWhoosh experience, and the introduction of the MyWhoosh Police, complete with a cautionary "Police Drone," signals a robust anti-cheat measure designed to keep the competition as pure as the spirit of cycling itself.

Looking ahead, MyWhoosh is not stopping at cycling. The imminent integration of running and walking functionalities, along with Apple TV compatibility, promises to broaden the platform's appeal, making it a comprehensive indoor training solution for athletes across disciplines.

As MyWhoosh continues to evolve, its latest 3.6.0 update marks a significant milestone in its journey, reinforcing its position as a leader in virtual cycling and a beacon of innovation in the fitness tech industry.


  • Update Version: 3.6.0
  • Release Date: Monday, 4th March 2024
  • Compatibility: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows
  • New Features:
    • Rider Profile with History
    • Economy system for rewards and upgrades
    • Achievements and Trophies for competitive edge
    • Live Result Graph for real-time performance monitoring
    • MyWhoosh Police anti-cheat system
  • Future Updates:
    • Running and walking functionality
    • Apple TV compatibility
  • Partnership: Official partner of the UCI e-sports Cycling World Championships 2024-2026
  • More info at: