Explore California and Beyond with MyWhoosh's Latest 3.7.0 Update

Discover MyWhoosh 3.7.0 update with seamless profile import, new California routes, MyBunch 24/7 bot rides, and enhanced Windows versions.

Explore California and Beyond with MyWhoosh's Latest 3.7.0 Update

MyWhoosh, the go-to indoor training and racing platform endorsed by cycling champions like Tadej Pogačar, has just launched its latest update, version 3.7.0. This new release brings a suite of exciting features aimed at enhancing the virtual riding experience for both professional and amateur cyclists. Let’s dive into what’s new!

Seamless Profile Import

The standout feature of this update is the ability to import profiles from other indoor cycling platforms. This game-changing feature ensures that new users can transition smoothly without losing their hard-earned achievements. Here’s how it works:

  1. Data Submission: Submit relevant data from your current profile, including proof of achievements.
  2. Verification: The MyWhoosh team verifies your data.
  3. Profile Update: Once verified, your level, distance, rewards (converted to MyWhoosh coins), and elevation gain are updated on your MyWhoosh profile.

This process ensures a seamless transition, allowing you to continue your progress without starting from scratch.

New Worlds to Explore

MyWhoosh continues to expand its virtual terrain, now featuring the iconic landscapes of California. Cyclists can explore routes such as Downtown LA, Hollywood, Golden Gate, Silicon Valley, and the challenging Escape from Alcatraz. These additions total 60km of diverse terrain, including climbs, rolling hills, and flat circuits.

In addition, the update includes an extended version of Hudayriyat Island in the UAE, featuring a variety of cycling attractions like purpose-built tracks, off-road trails, BMX courses, and a state-of-the-art velodrome. Riders can also enjoy the fictional 10.6km Dust Trail for some virtual gravel riding.

Windows Version Renaming

MyWhoosh Go is now simply MyWhoosh, designed to run smoothly on most Windows computers. The previous MyWhoosh app is now called MyWhoosh HD, optimized for high-end gaming machines. Here’s how to update:

For MyWhoosh Go Users:

  1. Delete the old MyWhoosh Go app.
  2. Reinstall MyWhoosh Go 3.7.0 from the Windows Store.
  3. After June 10th, update the app when prompted. It will rename to MyWhoosh.

For MyWhoosh Users:

  1. Delete the current MyWhoosh app.
  2. Download MyWhoosh HD from the Windows Store.

Enhanced Features

The 3.7.0 update introduces several new features to improve your riding experience:

  • Live Coaching and VOD on Apple TV: Access live and pre-recorded training sessions 24/7.
  • Data Recovery System: Recover data after unexpected crashes or disconnections.
  • Offline Mode: Continue riding even when disconnected, with your progress synced once reconnected.

MyBunch 24/7 Bot Rides

Join groups of bot riders based on your preferred watts/kg and speed. Riders will be teleported to a MyBunch group with a 60-second power assist buffer to match the bots' pace. These bots mimic real rider behavior, offering a lifelike group riding experience on various routes.

  • Sponsored Jerseys: Communities can now apply for custom jerseys for their events. These jerseys will be available exclusively to participants of the community rides.
  • Chase Race: A new premium event where riders compete in groups based on their abilities. The first to cross the finish line wins, with races open to all genders.

Explore these exciting new features and elevate your virtual cycling experience with MyWhoosh 3.7.0. Happy riding! 🚴‍♂️🌟