My New Favorite Tool: Birzman Razor Clam – The Simple Solution for Disc Brake Noise

Disc Brakes may have become an industry standard for modern bikes, but if they’re not properly adjusted, they can be extremely annoying. Even with intuitive modulation, excellent braking performance, better handling, and increased comfort, the noise that comes from disc brakes can be a significant distraction. Fortunately, the Birzman Razor Clam is here to solve this problem. Made of steel and aluminum, this small gadget weighing only 15g helps gauge the spacing between the brake pads and rotor, making it easy to adjust the disc brakes’ alignment. Simply place the Razor Clam on the rotor, slide it between the pads of the loosened brake calliper, pull the brake, and tighten the bolts of the calliper, and you’re done. Not only will it make your rides quieter, but it also ensures you go unnoticed in the wind shadows of your competitors. At only $10, the Birzman Razor Clam is an inexpensive and worthwhile investment for your bike this season.

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