Elon Musk Decides Engagement Metrics Are Overrated on X

Elon Musk's latest move to hide like, retweet, and favorite counts on X has left users scratching their heads. Is a "cleaner" feed really worth the loss?

Elon Musk Decides Engagement Metrics Are Overrated on X
Photo by Souvik Banerjee / Unsplash

Elon Musk, in his infinite wisdom, has decided that X (formerly Twitter) is just too cluttered. With the wave of his billionaire wand, he's set to make like, retweet, and favorite counts vanish from the main feed. Musk's rationale? He's aiming for a "cleaner" look, because clearly, what social media users crave is not interaction but... minimalism?

This revelation came to us via DogeDesigner, a Musk confidant, who shared that soon we'll have to give each post a tap to see if anyone actually cares about it. Musk, with the enthusiasm of a kid in a candy store, confirmed this grand plan, offering "Very clean" as a defense. Fantastic, if only we were discussing interior design and not a platform built on engagement.

The real kicker? Musk has decided that the only worthwhile metric, the view count, will now cozy up next to the timestamp, making engagement a fun little treasure hunt. Want to reply or favorite a post? Get ready to swipe like you're on a dating app.

Users were quick to voice their displeasure, pointing out the obvious: engagement will plummet. Remember the good old days of instant gratification from seeing a tweet blow up? Musk's master plan seems to say, "Who needs that?"

The outcry wasn't just from your average Joe. High-profile users and even a poll by Nick Sorter, an independent journalist with a considerable following, showed an overwhelming 87.2% opposition to the change. Musk's response to this democratic expression of discontent? Deafening silence, presumably drowned out by the sound of his own brilliance.

Why this obsession with fixing what isn't broken? The engagement metrics weren't just numbers; they were the heartbeat of X, showing us the live wire of public opinion and interest. Now, Musk seems intent on turning X into a ghost town, much like Threads, Meta’s less thrilling venture into social media, which, despite its promise, turned out to be about as exciting as watching paint dry.

It's peculiar, really, seeing Musk, a self-proclaimed X addict, push the platform toward oblivion. Perhaps he's looking for more quality time in his favorite scroll spot: the bathroom. One can only hope the decision leaves him with as much regret as it does us with frustration.

In the end, Musk’s latest maneuver feels less like innovation and more like a misguided attempt to leave his mark—regardless of the cost to user experience. As we brace for impact, let's remember: in the vast expanse of social media, engagement is king, and without it, X risks becoming nothing more than a clean, well-designed wasteland.