Muc-Off's New Additions: AirMach Mini and 17-In-1 Minitool

Muc-Off's New Additions: AirMach Mini and 17-In-1 Minitool

Muc-Off, a well-known name in the cycling community, has recently expanded its Hardware Division by introducing two new products – the AirMach Mini and the 17-In-1 Minitool. These additions are designed to provide cyclists with convenient solutions for mid-ride bike fixes, all while keeping the brand’s signature black and pink aesthetic.

AirMach Mini: A Cyclist’s Inflation Companion

The AirMach Mini is a compact, lightweight pump designed for on-the-go inflation. Weighing just 78g (without holster) and measuring 155mm in length and 24.5mm in diameter, this mini pump is easy to carry along on any ride. Despite its small size, the AirMach Mini is capable of inflating up to 110psi, making it suitable for gravel, MTB, and modern road tubeless tires.

The pump features an alloy barrel and piston, ensuring durability and efficient performance. The reversible CNC-machined head is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valve stems, providing versatility for different bike setups. A notable feature is the slide-out hose, designed to prevent any yanking or breaking off of the valve stem during inflation. Priced at $40, the AirMach Mini is a handy tool for cyclists looking for a reliable and portable inflation solution.

17-In-1 Minitool: Your Pocket-Sized Workshop

The 17-In-1 Minitool is a compact multi-tool designed to handle a variety of mid-ride adjustments and repairs. Encased in alloy side bars, this tool houses a range of Chromium-Vanadium Steel tools including:

  • Hex wrenches (2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8mm)
  • Phillips screwdrivers (1/2)
  • T25 Torx
  • SL5 Flat Head
  • A bottle opener/spoke wrench combo (Shimano 4.3/4.4/hex4.6 / Mavic m7)
  • A steel chain breaker for 9/10/11 speed chains

Although it’s assumed that the chain breaker could work with 12-speed chains, it’s something that might need a little tinkering. The dimensions of 75x43x10mm make it easy to handle, and at a price of $25 ($28 with a Cordura case), it’s a budget-friendly option for those looking to keep a multi-tool handy in their saddle bag.

Both the AirMach Mini and the 17-In-1 Minitool are not just functional but also uphold the stylish black and pink design that Muc-Off is known for. These tools are a great addition to any cyclist’s kit, ensuring that you’re prepared for the unexpected hiccups that come with the adventure of cycling.

For more information on these products, you can visit Muc-Off’s official website.