mountainFLOW’s Eco Wax Bike Cleaning Kit: Sustainably Keeping Your Bike in Top Shape

mountainFLOW’s Eco Wax Bike Cleaning Kit: Sustainably Keeping Your Bike in Top Shape

Maintaining your bike’s sparkle and performance just became a lot easier and environmentally friendlier with the launch of mountainFLOW’s Eco Wax Bike Cleaning Kit. This comprehensive kit, also known as the Bike Maintenance Kit (BMK), is a convenient, one-stop solution for all your bike cleaning needs.

The BMK packs a punch, offering all the essentials you need to keep your bike gleaming and functioning optimally. What sets this kit apart is its eco-friendly approach, embodied in the bamboo box it comes in. Not only is this box a neat and sustainable packaging solution, but it also doubles up as a washbasin, enhancing the practicality of the kit.

Inside the bamboo box, you will find a range of carefully formulated, plant-based, and biodegradable products. These include:

All-weather Bike Lube: Catering to all conditions and seasons, this lube ensures your bike performs at its best, come rain or shine.

Bike Wash and Degreaser: Potent enough to effectively clean your drivetrain, yet gentle enough for use across your entire bike.

Bike Polish: This tri-purpose product cleans, shines, and protects your bike, enhancing its appeal and safeguarding it from dust and grime.

Bike Grease: Ideal for lubricating non-drivetrain components of your bike.

The BMK also comes with two bamboo cleaning brushes designed to tackle all surfaces and all grime levels. The Frame brush features super-soft bristles that are safe for all surfaces, while the Drivetrain brush boasts stiffer bristles to tackle the toughest grime on your chain and cassette.

Adding to the sustainable approach, the kit also includes a pack of three bamboo and cotton bike towels. Say goodbye to microplastics with these towels. You’ll get a durable cotton drivetrain cloth for your chain and groupset, a strong and soft microfiber towel for your frame, and a super-soft bamboo velvet polishing towel to bring out the shine on your bike.

With mountainFLOW’s Eco Wax Bike Cleaning Kit, keeping your bike in top condition is no longer a complex task. It’s simple, effective, and eco-friendly. Explore the full offering at mountainFLOW.