With a start in Avallon, not far from the land where he was born, and a finish in Le Cap d’Agde, the place from his childhood memories, naturally, Thomas decided to set the first FKT along the GTMC (Grande Traversée du Massif Central). A 1400 km bike ride in full autonomy with a minimalistic set-up: a singlespeed Kona Unit built with a rigid fork. 6 days 36min, that’s the time it took him to cover the full length of the route. An epic adventure, under the eyes of his father, Thierry, who was driving Ryan, the videomaker that brings us the images of this story. An emotional and crossed perception between a father and his son’s dreams. The story of this FKT doesn’t just lie in numbers and speed. It takes us to the heart of the ultra-endurance world where sleep deprivation and effort stretch the human soul to its limits.

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