Meet Fujifilm's X100VI: Retro Style Meets Modern Tech

Discover the Fujifilm X100VI, blending retro charm with cutting-edge features like 40.2MP resolution, in-body stabilization, and 6.2K video. Pre-order now!

Meet Fujifilm's X100VI: Retro Style Meets Modern Tech

The Fujifilm X100V, a favorite in the world of bikepacking, has finally met its match with the release of its successor, the Fujifilm X100VI. While it retains the beloved retro aesthetic of its predecessor, the X100VI introduces a slew of upgrades that make it a powerhouse for both street photography and casual shooting.

What’s New with the X100VI?

At first glance, the X100VI might look identical to the X100V, sporting the same classic design and control layout inspired by Leica's rangefinder cameras. However, beneath its familiar surface lies significant advancements:

  • Specifications:
    • 40.2-megapixel APS-C sensor
    • Fixed 23mm f/2.0 lens (35mm equivalent)
    • Built-in 5-axis stabilization with up to 6 stops of shake reduction
    • 6.2K 30p video capability, 4K at 60 fps, and 1080p at 240fps
    • 3.69-million dot hybrid optical viewfinder
    • 1.62-million dot LCD display, now with added tilt functionality
    • 11fps shooting with mechanical shutter, 20fps in electronic mode
    • Enhanced autofocus with tracking and face/eye detection
    • 20 built-in film simulation modes, including the new Reala Ace
    • Weight: 521 grams
    • Battery life rated for 300 shots
    • Price: $1,600 (Standard), $2,000 (Special Edition)

Fujifilm has opted to equip the X100VI with the same high-resolution 40.2MP sensor found in the larger X-H2, offering more versatility for cropping without sacrificing image quality. This choice, however, may slightly affect low-light performance. Yet, the addition of built-in 5-axis stabilization is a game-changer for capturing sharp, candid shots on the move.

The camera maintains its predecessor's high-quality viewfinder and display, with the latter now offering improved tilting for easier overhead shots. The autofocus system has received a significant boost, becoming quicker and more reliable across various conditions and subjects.

A Leap in Video Capabilities

While the X100 series might not be the first choice for videographers, the X100VI's video features are impressive for a compact camera. It supports 6.2K 30p, 4K 60p, and 1080p 240fps shooting, along with 10-bit F-log and F-Log2 recording. These capabilities are particularly notable for a camera with a fixed lens, although the slow UHS-I card slot limits data rates.

Availability and Pricing

The Fujifilm X100VI is now available for pre-order in either silver or black, with shipments expected to begin in early March 2024. The standard model is priced at $1,600, while a special edition featuring a vintage Fujifilm logo is set at $2,000. To address the long wait times seen with the X100V, Fujifilm plans to manufacture the new model in China.

With its blend of classic design, modern technology, and improved performance, the Fujifilm X100VI is poised to become the new favorite among photography enthusiasts and professionals alike.