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Marcin Bialoblocki Rides 100 Mile Time Trial in 3:13:371 min read

TT specialist Marcin Bialoblocki has smashed the UK national 100-mile time-trial record, slicing over three minutes off Adam Duggleby’s previous record set in 2017. The new mark, a blistering 3:13:37.

Bialoblocki, who rides for the amateur team Steele Davis Via Roma RT, broke the record at the East District CA Championship in Norfolk yesterday, aboard a Pinarello Bolide with Aerocoach AEOX wheels. Bialoblocki shared data from his TrainingPeaks account showing an average normalised power of 340 watts for the duration of the time-trial, that’s an incredible 4.29 watts per kilo for over 3 hours.   You can also check out the effort on Strava.

On his Facebook page Bialoblocki said: “I dedicate this record to my friend Phil Griffiths thanks which all that was possible (sic), I had the opportunity to compete for many years and the pleasure of using the best bikes in the world. Phil was 100 mile National Competition record holder in 76’ -79”.

The record made me wonder if we’ll see someone break the 3 hour mark anytime soon. With a little help from bikecalculator, it looks like a similar rider in similar conditions would have to average about 420w over 3 hours to get the time down to 3:00:00. Considering that as recently as 5 years ago, the hour record on a bike wasn’t on pace for a 3 hour 100miler, and that current hour record isn’t much beyond it. I think not.

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