Maloja Cycling Apparel Review – Winter 2022

Maloja Cycling Apparel Review – Winter 2022

The weather has finally cooled off here in Colorado, I would have preffered some time in the 50s as opposed to dipping straight into the 30s and below, but you get what you get. No complaints here that I’m no longer cooking in the sun. Cool weather, does however, require a little more effort in getting properly dressed pre-ride. Maloja sent over a couple of items for me to review in the cool weather, here’s how everything fared.

Maloja CagnoM. Cycle Jacket/Jersey Review

The CagnoM. is a bike jacket/jersey with good thermal insulation, plenty of stretch to maintain a high freedom of movement and a close fit so it doesn’t flap around in the wind. This quick-drying, elastic thermopile jacket was developed in cooperation with athletes from Maloja’s Pushbikers road cycling team. It is ideal as a warm mid-layer on the bike, but I’ve also found it perfectly capable on it’s own with a simple undershirt down to the low 50s.

CagnoM. Specs

  • Basic insulation: Maloja distinguishes between different levels of insulation. Basic, premium and supreme insulation. The right insulation for the different temperatures always depends on the area of application and the intensity of the activity.
  • Fast drying
  • Skin strap: The product has laser-cut ends on the thigh or upper arm.
  • 4-Way Stretch: This fabric offers transverse and longitudinal stretch and thus provides perfect freedom of movement.
  • Thermopile: This fabric is made from soft polyester fleece fibers developed through a sophisticated technological process. Due to its perspiration characteristics, it is innovative for the sports environment. The non-absorbent fabric offers good air exchange and regulates body temperature.
  • Composition: 92% polyester, 8% elastane

CagnoM. Review

I’ve been very impressed with the CagnoM. out on the road. On it’s own it has kept me warm down into the low 50s, paired to the SpihM. jacket below, it easily kept me warm into the low 40s. The jacket has a slim fit which keeps it from flapping around, but maintains a lot of flexibility and stretch so you can move around, grab a bottle and not have the sleeves ride up your arm. The jacket also maintains a three-pocket design in the rear, so you don’t lose any carrying capacity. All around a great jacket / long-sleeve jersey for fall/spring and a fantastic mid-layer for deep winter.

Maloja SpihM. Cycle Jacket Review

Maloja’s SpihM. jacket is a top-of-the-line lightweight, water and windproof cycling jacket. Thanks to GORE-TEX Active with SHAKEDRY technology it features a permanently water-repellent surface, it requires no additional outer material – making it particularly light and breathable. Despite being fully water and windproof, it still packs down into a small burrito shape which easily fits in a jersey pocket.

Maloja SpihM. Cycle Jacket Specs

  • 23.000 mm water column
  • Taped seams
  • Durable water-repellent finish (DWR eco)
  • Water-repellent zips
  • Optimum moisture transport
  • Stand-up collar with front zip
  • Zip chest pocket
  • Cuffs with velcro fastener
  • Bonded waistband in front
  • Adjustable waistband

Maloja SpihM. Cycle Jacket Review

The Maloja SpihM. jacket quickly eclipsed every other cycling jacket I’ve worn. This is a true “all-round” waterproof jacket it kept me dry in a windy downpour and it breathed wonderfully on a cool, dry windy day. The fabric has a very sleek matt finish and as soon as it gets wet it is covered with beads which simply slip off as you ride through the air. A flick of the wrist removed all the water from the cuff to the shoulder and when the rain stops you can give the whole jacket a quick whip and then stuff it away in a jersey pocket.

It is very light and you’ll barely notice it in you back pocket. The adjustable cuffs are a huge plus, you can keep them tight and the weather out and release to easily get the jacket off over gloves while riding. The jacket also has a fairly long tail which helps keep your rear dry when the tire is spraying.

Overall, this is an absolutely fantastic jacket. It’ll be in my pocket all fall/spring and will definitely save me a few more times before the season is over.

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