Makers of Twitterrific want to slam a bunch of the internet together in Project Tapestry

The Iconfactory's Project Tapestry: Integrating Online Media with a Unified Timeline. Support their new venture after Twitterrific's end.

Makers of Twitterrific want to slam a bunch of the internet together in Project Tapestry

The Iconfactory, renowned for shaping Twitter's original brand identity, recently faced a setback when their app, Twitterific, was killed off thanks to all of Musk's bullshit. Despite this challenge, the experienced team of developers and designers is now launching an exciting new venture: Project Tapestry. This innovative app aims to integrate the diverse aspects of online media.

In a move reminiscent of their 2017 Project Phoenix, which successfully funded a new Twitterrific client for Mac, The Iconfactory is again reaching out to the community for support. They are using Kickstarter as a platform to gather the necessary resources and momentum to bring Project Tapestry to life.

From The Iconfactory:

With Project Tapestry, we’ll create a universal, chronological timeline for any data that’s publicly available on the Internet. A service-independent overview of your social media and information landscape. Point the app toward your services and feeds, then scroll through everything all in one place to keep up-to-date and to see where you want to dive deeper. When you find something that you want to engage with or reply to, Tapestry will let you automatically open that post in the app of your choice and reply to it there. Tapestry isn’t meant to replace your favorite Mastodon app or RSS reader, but rather to complement them and help you figure out where you want to focus your attention. […]

Our plan is to fund and then build Tapestry as an iOS app over the course of 9 to 12 months with the following features and functionality:🕰️ Unified, chronological timeline🔍 Detail view for individual posts📙 Remember your reading position in the timeline🌎 Ability to add common publicly accessible sources to your timeline, such as Mastodon accounts, RSS feeds, and more (see below)🛠️ Basic support for building and adding your own plug-ins to support additional source types📱 Support for iPhone and iPad🗣️ Full accessibility via VoiceOver support🆎 Support for dynamic font resizing💡 Light and Dark theme

At the time of writing, Project Tapestry has about 700 backers with just over $36,000 pledged. The goal is $100,000 over the next 35 days. Pledge support here.